Three tips for looking good!

Every one of us has the trouble of choosing what to wear.All of these colours,shapes and styles,but do not worry,we are here to help you!We will give you a few advices how pick the best outfits!Fashion quotes images ideas best pics (30)

Match the colours!

First of all,match te colours.It is kind of easy, pastel colours with pastel colours,earth tones with earth tones,but you can always experiment with different shades of the same colour or similar colours,they almost always look good together.

Wear the right size!

Stop wearing wrong size of your clothes! If you want to look confident,powerfull try to stay awayfrom big old sweatshirts and sweathers.Wear  it at home or to gym,but not to school or work.If you will wear the right size of clothes,you will look great!

Add accessories!

Adding accessories can be very useful.You can just wear a pair of simple jeans,white T-shirt matched with black heels and add some accessories like neckace,big earrings,you can even try to wear a scarf instead of belt and it will look amaizing!

So,follow these three simple tips and you wil always look great!


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  1. Airidaamik says:

    Now I feel like I have to change my style…Thank you for advise!

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