Test Behind the mask

Behind the mask

Venice are preparing for the biggest italian festivall. Tourists are wasting their money.

Traditional Carnival of Venice will be 39 time. Venice Carnival 2018 will be held from January 27 to February 13. In this carnival people use masks. It is one of the famoust festivalls in the world. This is the famoust italian festivall. This festivall is two times popular than October fest. venecija


This year Venice are waiting millions tourists. Sellers are raising prices. For exmple one pizza slice will cost 3 euros. It is two times more than last years. Venice do not worry about tourists number. Venice major says ,,will be a lot of because you can see this carnival one time ina year‘‘. In Venice is arrived 500 toilets. Sellers street continues 2 kilometres.  So, Venice wants to left a good impression for tourists. images






Facts about Venice you do not know:

In Venice is 398 bridges

Venice is called ,,bridge city‘‘

Venice city is built on the water                      

Earlier Venice was fisher citypasigrozeti-venecija-is-paukscio-skrydzio-515139040d334

In city is 150 canals

In Venice is 118 island

In Venice is water bussses

Venice was founded in 451

Venice is invated in UNESCO

Italians call Venice Venetia



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Video from last year carnival:download


Some photos from carnival:download (1)

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