From the day he arrived in the UFC, Conor McGregor predicted that he would do things that had never been done.

No one really believed him at the time, but McGregor was steadfast in his approach that he would conquer the world, become a two-division champion while also simultaneously putting the UFC on his back at the biggest star the brand has ever known.

Consider it mission accomplished.

McGregor walked out into Madison Square Garden on Saturday night with more than 20,000 fans in attendance — most of them seemingly behind the Irishman — and he proceeded to dominate and decimate Eddie Alvarez, who was a 30-plus fight veteran who had only been finished by strikes one other time in his career.

After the fight was over, McGregor then made it known that before he steps back into the Octagon, he wanted to sit down with the new owners of the UFC and have a long talk about his role and place in the company. It seems McGregor wants to enjoy the same perks as celebrities like Conan O’Brien and Ben Affleck — to become a part owner of the UFC.

It’s a bold move for any fighter to make such a request, but to date no one has had as much power to ask for it until McGregor arrived on the scene.

As the UFC’s all time biggest selling athlete, McGregor has more power than any fighter has ever had in mixed martial arts and he might just have the leverage to get exactly what he wants before competing again. Oh and in case there’s any curiosity about McGregor’s decision to ask for a stake in the UFC — he predicted it two years ago.

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