Practice.Does it really help?

People always want to learn new things. And to achieve their goals they have to work hard but others are born with talent. People say that if you want to be professional in something you have to practice a lot but is it true?

download People are naturally curious. That curiosity drives us to try new things and learn different skills. People who are professional singers, dancers had to practice a lot to achieve their career. Famous artists had to spend hours staring at a canvas just to make one painting. They also had to learn how to draw human proportions, realistic animals and plants. It was a lot of hard work. Practice may be helpful when you really want to learn something, when it is your passion. If you do not have motivation nothing will help you. Neither talent nor practice.

People need practice to achieve a certain skill but others have talent. The ability to do something naturally like you were born for it. People with talent are not actually talented they just did something from a young age and developed amazing skills. Things like incredible flexibility are not a talent it is a genetic mutation that allows someone to bend their body in weird ways. Some people are double jointed which allows them to bent their joints in all different ways and if you have double joints in your neck you can turn it and scare people. So talents are not really true we just call them that to mask our jealousy of their better developed skills.

In conclusion people need practice to achieve their goals. Some people can achieve theirs easier and some cannot.

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