Piercing history!


septum-piercing-with-gold-septum-ringEarring – Jewellery, worn  a curvature hole, pierced ears attached bottor compressing the ear down. 

Social and ethnic earrings worn not so much as a centerpiece, but more as an amulet against diseases and disasters. The Western world often wears earrings, women, men – and often only one earring. In prehistoric times, especially in civilized countries often wear earrings in Asia Minor and the Mediterranean Sea on the north coast, from where they went to frequently Egypt. It was very small working range of precious metal fancy articles,bags, and other forms of deep, sometimes embedded with precious stone



s or enamel. In Asia Minor and the Byzantine piercings wearing spread among the Slavs, who wore a typically small, often for imported, earrings. Lithuania earrings known in prehistoric times and more widespread only in the XVII century., When they were already quite normal women’s jewelry in Western Europe.

I piercing is a beautiful woman, and when they are small. But when men pricked the ears after two large rings for me is disgusting. Small earrings, on the body and small is beautiful, trendy, but even as a foot piercing with what rivets and are beautiful..it  me is disgusting even very .. Some like to cover the whole body piercing that there would be no empty seats. Each has its own peculiar taste .. But at least I have this really big on the whole body piercing is not translated. This is my opinion. :)

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