Mask. Is it just for theatre?

Mask. A word we all know. Actors apply them in theatres. The masks can be met in our daily life as well. Sometimes the masks are even not noticed.

Masks are very useful for theatre. Artists wear them to become more similar to the character they play. They try to dress up like them and even put the masks on their faces. The performance is more interesting with the masks on.

Masks are also used in many and various festivals and carnivals. For example, in Venice festival you can see many colourful and very different masks. You can also see masks at many processions.

People use masks in various ways. They are using them to hide their real personalities, to become someone they are not but wishing to become. Such a mask is invisible, because everybody is used to it. Everybody follows stereotypes and fashion trends, like how to wear, how to talk, what to know, and etc. We all are different and it’s fine. We don’t have to look and behave like anybody else. Of course, we have to know and follow some important rules, but we can’t bully people looking different.

In conclusion I want to say, that masks can be very useful things in many ways, but we shouldn’t use them often for just hiding ourselves.

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