How many senses do we have?

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  • Five senses.

Senses are very important for us. Without them we would barely know the world.

If people were asked how many senses do, we have? They would probably answer 5: sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste. It turns out that we have at least 9 senses, but scientists argue that we have 12, 21 or even more senses. I will tell you about some of your lesser known senses: equilibrioception, proprioception, thermoception, nociception and chronoception.

  • Equilibrioception – is a sense of balance. This is what keeps us upright, and helps us make our way around without getting hurt.
  • Proprioception –is a sense of knowing which parts of your body are where without looking. It’s how we can type without looking at the keyboard, for example, or walk around without having to watch our feet.
  • Thermoception – we know whether our environment is too cold or too hot. Being able to sense the temperature around us helps keep us alive and well.
  • Nociception – the ability to feel pain.
  • Chronoception – how we sense the passing of time.

We’ve all heard about the amazing ability of some blind people to hear, smell, or touch. There is a new study that is interested in the neurological changes in people with blindness. It demonstrates that losing one’s sight before the age of 3 causes long-term alterations and improvements to the other senses. The blind do hear better. However, that’s not all. They also listen more attentively. Hearing is the most useful ability for gathering information about one’s surrounding environment. The blind have to use their hearing when they are passing the street, when they’re using their computer, when they’re speaking to someone and when they are walking in any place.

So to conclude there are much more than five senses and they mean a lot to us. If some people are senseless they have other ones that help them live.

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