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Tattoo History –┬áThis is an article about the emergence of drawings called tattooed on the body using a special typewriter and paint. In some cultures, tattoos are still made in the traditional tools. As technology possible to remove tattoos, but they are still considered eternal body drawings.

3300 years before our era mummy remains were found concrete evidence of the existence of tattoos. This Bronze Age mummy was preserved in ice, the Austrian alpine region. Later it was found that the mummy – a former soldier Otzi. It supports the preserved skin found overwhelming evidence of the existence of the tattoo: blue tattoos in several areas of the body, including several parallel lines along the spine and ankle and cross tattooed on one knee. The real cultural significance of these tattoos is unknown, but speculated that it could be the result of physical ailments, ethnic marker or personal identifier. Otzi body tags are considered military tattoo start.tatoo_6

Also, the Bronze Age, Egypt, found in the Paleolithic era figures similar findings – small female figurines, which were decorated with geometric patterns and various designs. These figures remind some women of the 11th Egyptian dynasty, which existed from 2160 to 1994 BC. Brightest mummy found in Egypt was the goddess Hathor priestess on which the corpses were found in tattoos. They formed a dotted line, parallel lines, curved, elliptical lines below the navel. 1500 years before our era tattoos were formally entrenched Egyptian culture. Archaeological discoveries are very rich in the fact that they gave a lot of information about those times dynasties kite, human assimilation, adaptation.

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