“ The New York Times” bestseller Ruta Sepetys’s book “Between shades of gray” will immediately conquer our hearts into cinema screens. The film will feature a young girl – Lina, who was deported to Siberian in 1914 with her family. They must endure inhuman living conditions and find strength to survive. Ruta Sepetys wrote a book inspired by the story of a woman, who was tortured. The main character of story is showing her life experience in exhale. The author wrote this book with the goal : to reveal the life of the poor deportee to a teenager and to narrate the story.There is probably no tribe in Lithuania that would not have suffered a deportation. Assembled actors for mass scenes also have links to history. Here gathered deportees, their children, grandchildren and others. But “Between shadRuta Sepetyses of gray” also is a love, maturity and survive story. The team working here, the actors felt the growing love for Lithuania. They all try to understand the concern, work and feelings of the exhale. “My job was to carry big bags. I’m warm and tired. And we repeat this scene again. And then I wondered, how hard was to work for the exiles. They worked all day like this. So, why  can not I fake at least three hours? “ – Shared her impression of the exhale’s granddaughter, who worked here. “Experience, that looks at everything differently”- told one of the film’s directors Žilvinas Naujokas. “Because what teachers, grandparents or parents tell us about, what we read in textbooks – everything goes into reality with great face.

The film‘s creavite team is scraed to be critized. As the film will be seen teenagers and exiles. Many people were involved in the film,whose families were affected by deportations. The team tried to become more enthusiastic about his roles. They did their best to make the best of themselves. Ruta Sepetys‘s novel “Between shades of gray“ is translated into fifty one languages. The story of Lithuania should not be limited to Lithuania. It is believed, that the international team and the actor created the film will reach a large audience.

The author achieved her goal: to find out about the silent periodo of Lithuanian history. the Lithuanians people will be able to determine this already in October this years.





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