English and Lithuanian Breakfasts

English and Lithuanian breakfast

  • This project is about two different countries breakfasts.

Lithuanian Breakfasts



One of the most popular Lithuania breakfast is sandwiches.




Sandwiches can be made from sausage, bread, butter, cheese or tomato or cucumber.

Next most eating Lithuanian food is flakes.

corn-flakesFlakes are healthy food. In flakes is nutritious material how can give you energy all day.

English breakfast

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  • A full breakfast is a breakfast meal, usually including bacon, sausages, eggs, and a variety of other cooked foods, with a beverage such as coffee or tea. It is especially popular in the UK and Ireland, to the extent that many caf├ęs and pubs offer the meal at any time of day as an “all-day breakfast”. It is also popular in other English-speaking countries.
  • English most popular breakfast is bacon with eggs. Most drinkable tea is black tea.download (3)Thanks for watchingdownload (1)

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