Ariana Grande-American actor and singer,best known from ,,Nickelodeon“ series.Ariana Grande the most popular song is ,,Break free“.


Ariana Grande was born at June 26,1993.She was born in Boca Raton,Florida,U.S. Ariana Grande parents are Edward Butera and Joan Grande. Ariana Grande began singing and performing at the local theater. At the age of 15, Ariana Grande debuted on Broadway’s musical. In 2010 appeared on Desmond Child’s musical “Cuba Libre” and began playing Nickelodeon in the Victorious series, with a particularly charismatic and rather strange girl, Cat Valentine. 2013 The Victorious series was unexpectedly interrupted, and the actress was featured on a new episode of the same series Sam & Cat, which performed the same role as Cat Valentine, as in the Victorious series. The series is about two girls living together and sometimes working as nannies. The first series is shown in 2013. June 8 The series has reached high ratings, which made channel producers order 40 series. 2014 the serial is discontinued without the appearance of all 40 series.


In 2011 Ariana Grande has recorded her first single “Put Your Hearts Up”, which later abandoned because of his childhood. The song “The Way”, released March 26 and recorded with Mac Miller, had an unexpected success, the single Billboard Hot 100 reached the ninth place and was certified triple-platinum. 2013 In summer, the first Grande’s album Yours Truly came out, from which the other two singles “Baby I” and “Right There” became hits. In 2014 spring, the first song of the singer, The Problem, appeared on the album. This song has become even more successful than The Way and the United States has reached its second place. Later Jessie J released the single “Bang Bang”, which was recorded with Ariana and Nicki Minaj. The second album, “My Everything”, was released in 2014. August 25th and has gained great commercial success on a global scale. At one time, three of Ariana Grande’s singles were in the Top 10 in the US Billboard. In 2016 the performer returned after a short break with the single “Dangerous Woman”. Originally announcing that her third album would be called “Moonlight”, later changed her mind and called it “Dangerous Woman”, the album was released on May 20 of the same year. The second single, “Into You”, was released on May 6th.In 2017 on the 22nd of May, immediately following the Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena for visitors, 22 years old, Salman Abedi committed a terrorist act (bomb exploded), killing 22 people, and 64 wounded. The jihadist group “Islamic State” claimed responsibility for the attack.

In conclusion Ariana Grande is a well-known singer who has achieved quite a lot while she is  only 24 years old. This is her website where you can find her merch and songs

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