History of piercing

Lithuania rings spread only in the XVIII a.., When They Were Already quite common bea-miller-ear-piercings-2-500x500women’s jewelry in Western Europe. Previously, it was common for men to wear fashion earrings. Ancient Greece earrings often had different shapes form, but the men wore them because piercings wearing period barbaric custom. Some of the social and ethnic earrings worn not so much as a centerpiece, but more as an amulet against diseases and disasters. Western world mostly wears earrings women less than men often only on. Piercing the form and substance in the Western world largely depends on fashion. In particular, a variety of aboriginal peoples earrings, which are worn by both women and men, made of wood, metal and other materials. Earrings wears not only the ears but also in other areas of the body nosyse lips legs and so on. Previously earrings wore very high, even higher than the ears and the like.

People are very fond of their earrings and have achieved a lot of Guinness. Previously earrings wore very high, even higher than the 2c7049db9f42bda853e1e95b23159124ears and the like. Goths are very fond of is reserved everywhere earrings. They come in to cover the entire face or body earrings and leave no empty seats. In my opinion the most beautiful earrings appears only in the ears. If a man should propose a piercing somewhere else. I disagree.










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